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Aluminum and Vaccines

Dear DR Mike, I try and protect my children. But, I don’t like giving them things that are bad for them. I don’t vaccinate my babies because of the aluminum in the vaccines. Karen. C Dear Karen,  As a parent, I totally agree in the concept of “protecing our children”. I also share your concern […]

How do I know if my child has measles?

How do I know if my child has measles? Measles cases are on the increase this year. They are HIGHLY infectious. There have been 129 measles cases thus far, with the most (58) in California. According to the AAP. “95% (122 cases) were associated with international travel, including 34 infected travelers who brought the disease […]

Can I use cold medicines in my baby?

Dr. Mike my name is kelly s I lived in new york my son derick was born with transposition of the great vessels or cyanosis he had two open heart surgeries one when he was 5 days old and another when he was 7 months. he is supposed to be good after the last surgery […]

How many of us Do NOT vaccinate?

Dear Sir, We are a growing group of parents who do not believe in vaccinating our children. Can you tell me what percentage do NOt vaccinate?   Hello, As of 2014, if you live in the state of Ohio, 98% to 98.9% DO vaccinate, and 1.1% to 2% do NOT vaccinate. Here is a handy […]

Grabbing head

My 9 month son had his adenoids removed and ear tubes done on 8-7-02. since then he keeps grabbing the back of head and crying out in pain. finally after a couple weeks of this he was admitted in to hospital and they did spinal tap and ct scan and tons of blood work but […]

Hernia in 17 month old

Dear Dr. Mike, I have a 17 month old daughter that was just diagnosed yesterday with a hernia. I’ve noticed it for approximately one year when I am changing her diaper and she is crying, but thought that it was just her muscles. She has had regular physicals and I am wondering if the doctors […]

My Personal Revelation About Nurses

I wouldn’t say I’ve had a lot of revelations in my professional life, but there is one that still affects me emotionally to this day, and it’s about nurses. I had been a PICU doctor for a number of years, and I was rounding on all the patients in the PICU with the rest of […]

White stuff under penis

Hello Dr. Mike, My son is about three months old and has been circumcised. While giving him a bath, I discovered some whitish material underneath the hood of his penis. I though it might have been diaper rash ointment, but upon further washing, it wouldn’t come off. As I look a little harder, I thought […]

Head tilting vs. Torticollis

I have a 15 month old son who when crawling tilts his head over towards his right shoulder. Friends and family thinks he’s just being playful, but I’m wondering whether or not it could be something more to look into. Hello, Sounds like he’s playing. There is a conditon called torticollis, where a child will […]

Poopies 2: Revenge of the Turds

Poopies 2: Revenge of the Turds In the past, I have talked a little about the importance of a good bowel movement, and avoiding constipation. Let’s go in the opposite direction…diarrhea. As it works out, we are in the peak season for diarrhea, and there are a lot of bugs that can cause diarrhea, especially in […]

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