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Food…Use it as a punishment or a reward?

How many of us, as kids, have received ice cream, chocolate, or candy as a reward for good behavior? How many of us have been sent to our room without dinner, or the embarrassing “skipped over” from receiving a treat due to our bad behavior? I hated that one as a kid! How many of […]

What Should My Pre-schooler Be Eating?

Toddlers and preschoolers generally need around 1600 calories per day. They may become more picky eaters than they were as infants, and become more of a challenge at meal time, creating worry for a lot of parents that they are not getting proper nutrition. It is common for them to graze throughout the day, or […]

Cough For Over A Year

Dr. Mike, I have a question concerning myself, I’m 16 years old and i have had this  cough for over a year, maybe even longer. Sometimes its more of a cough, but  sometimes I just cough gently by jerking my stomach in and just blowing out  my nose. I’ve been to the docters twice, and […]

The Joys of Summer

Ahhhh, the joys of summer: Sun, water, flowers, parties, alcohol…Hang on! Let’s start over. Ahhhh, the joy of summers…how to have a great one and avoid any major or minor tragedies. Yes, that’s better.  Summer is the season of life. It is the time of year when we spend time outside of our homes instead […]

Apgar Scores

My baby was just born 2 weeks ago. My doctor said his Apgar scores were really good. What does that mean? Virginia Apgar, a pediatrician, developed a particular scoring system to determine the health of a baby at birth. This system is still utilized in the delivery room today. A newborn baby receives a score […]

Potty Training Going Bad

Hi Dr. Mike- I am writting to you for some much needed advice. My daughter, Emily is two and one half years old. She has neen succesfully using the potty for about two monthes now. I even gave away all of her pull-ups to a friend. She was even dry all night. Now, for the […]

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