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Finger Chewing

Question My grand daughter has had a problem with her finger tips for over a year now. It began in the spring, and has continued to be a problem..Her finger tips are so calloused now from the cracking and peeling, which she contributes to, by biting the skin off. Unfortunately, we can’t seem to get […]

GERD and Arching

Question Dr Mike, My daughter is 4 1/2 months old and was diagnosed with GERD at two weeks. Since she was 2 months old she started an odd behavior. She pulls her arm and legs in and locks them, arches her back, holds her breath, face turns red, eyes flutter or get glossy and red, hands get clammy […]

Roseola or not, again

Question My son was diagnosed with Roseola..his symptoms were high fever once it went up to 106 he had a fever for about 6 days then got a rash his only complaint was a bad headache when his fever was high the tylenol and motrin would bring his fever down but on the 5th day […]

Antibacterial soap references

Question In a report on anti-bacterial soap, you mention the following: “in a study done at the University of Arizona College of Medicine, it was found that making a “super” clean environment may predispose children under 6 months of age to the development of asthma in later life.” Can you please point me to this […]

Anti Bacterial Soap

Question Anti bacterial soap Is is true that overuse of antibacterial hand soap or hand sanitizer can cause ill effects. Also, is it true that they are not recommended for children or infants.  Is there any danger in young children using anitbacterial hand soap or gel?  What effects could develop??   Answer Hello, It seems […]

Benadryl on the gums?

Benadryl on the gums? Question Is Benadryl a good solution to a baby’s teething pain? Our pediatrician has advised us to use Benadryl before she goes to bed. She has instructed us to apply the Benadryl liquid to her gums with a cotton swab. What are your thoughts on this? My daughter Palmer is 14 […]

Aluminum in vaccines

Dear DR Mike, I try and protect my children. But, I don’t like giving them things that are bad for them. I don’t vaccinate my babies because of the aluminum in the vaccines. Karen. C Dear Karen,  As a parent, I totally agree in the concept of “protecing our children”. I also share your concern […]

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