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Cough or Habit

Cough or Habit   Question Dr. Mike, I have a question concerning myself, I’m 16 years old and i have had this cough for over a year, maybe even longer.  Sometimes its more of a cough, but sometimes I just cough gently by jerking my stomach in and just blowing out my nose.  I’ve been to the docters […]

Bottle or not?

Bottle or not?   Question My daughter is a year-old and I want to break her from the bottle. She will drink water and juice from a sippy cup, but not milk. She won’t touch it until you put it back in the bottle. My sister-in-law says to let her “ditch” the bottle when she […]

Blood in Stool

Blood in Stool   Question Hello Dr. Mike, I have a 3 week old who has been on Similac with Iron, Isomil, and Alimuenium, and lastly Nutramagin. She is also on Zantac daily. Her irritation from esophageal reflux seems better but she still has blood in her stool and if very irritable while eating and […]

Anti bacterial soap

Anti bacterial soap   Question Is it true that overuse of antibacterial hand soap or hand sanitizer can cause ill effects? Also, is it true that they are not recommended for children or infants.  Is there any danger in young children using anitbacterial hand soap or gel?  What effects could develop??   Answer Hello, It seems […]

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