Hello Dr. Mike, My son is about three months old and has been circumcised. While giving him a bath, I discovered some whitish material underneath the hood of his penis. I though it might have been diaper rash ointment, but upon further washing, it wouldn’t come off. As I look a little harder, I thought it might be a blister or pus forming around the hood. But, as I looked even harder, I could see that a thin piece of flesh was still connected to the hood of his penis. I pushed the white material out from under the piece of skin. It looked like skin. This didn’t seem to distress my son at all, and his penis was not inflamed, just a little red from my examination. What could this have been, and what could have happened during the circumcision? Thanks, REEZEE

Hi Reezee, Doesn’t sound like an infection. Sounds more like dead skin and/or a collection of powder that has become moist and collected under his foreskin. It sounds like you have already taken care of the problem. With each diaper change, gently pull back his foreskin, and clean that area every time. Every once in a awhile, that area collects oil, powder, dead skin, etc. and it can build up. It doesn’t sound like it’s related to his circumcision. I would have your doc eyeball it, too.
I hope that helps. Mike