Anti bacterial soap



Is it true that overuse of antibacterial hand soap or hand sanitizer can cause ill effects? Also, is it true that they are not recommended for children or infants.  Is there any danger in young children using anitbacterial hand soap or gel?  What effects could develop??



Hello, It seems that our society has become fanatical about keeping our hands clean. Every time you turn around, that there is a new antibacterial soap or hand lotion guaranteed to kill every possible bug in the world. The primary ingredient in antibacterial soaps and lotions is called Triclosan, but Triclosan can cause an environment which allows “super” resistant bacteria to grow.

According to some infectious disease specialists, using these antibacterial soaps may help produce drug resistant bacteria. That means if your child would get an infection from these “superbugs”, it may be very difficult to kill.

So, while it is good to be clean and tidy, regular hand soaps and lotions offer enough protection against bacteria, and the use of “antibacterial” soaps and lotions is unnecessary.