My 9 month son had his adenoids removed and ear tubes done on 8-7-02. since then he keeps grabbing the back of head and crying out in pain. finally after a couple weeks of this he was admitted in to hospital and they did spinal tap and ct scan and tons of blood work but nothing showed up except elvated white blood count of 18,000/ they never could find what caused problem. Now its Sept. and they are going to do a mri. could you shed some light on what could be going on, my ped says where my son is grabbing is the around the cerebellum.

I would assume that the ENT specialist has examined your son, and found the tubes to be in good position and good working condition. As you probably already know, an MRI is a more specific test of the brain, and can see most things in better detail than a CT scan. So, it’s the best test to make sure your little guy is ok up there.
The cerebellum is the back part of the brain, and lies in the base of the skull. Its main job is to coordinate balance and coordination. Generally, though, 9 month old children do not have problems in that part of the brain, but it sounds like your doc just wants to make sure. In most likelihood, the MRI will be normal. One way or the other, the MRI will make sure that everything is okay with his brain.
I hope that helps. Let me know how things are going. Sincerely, Mike