Dr. Mike,

I have a question concerning myself, I’m 16 years old and i have had this 
cough for over a year, maybe even longer. Sometimes its more of a cough, but 
sometimes I just cough gently by jerking my stomach in and just blowing out 
my nose. I’ve been to the docters twice, and I’ve tried using Pulmacort (i 
might have spelt that wrong-its a type of an inhailer but you just breathe in 
through the tube instead), but that doesn’t seem to work. My parents have 
thought that it might just be a habit of some sort, but I feel like I have to 
cough all the time, and I dont even have any flu or cold-like symptoms. I do 
have sports induced asthma, but I have an inhaler for that. I also cough up 
flem sometimes when I wake up, or just during the day…but its not too 
often. If you have any advice for me could you please let me know?? Thanks a 

Hi Whitney,

There’s is a very easy way to find out if you have any lung type problems, or 
asthma, for that matter, but maybe your doctor has already ordered these tests 
on you.

First, I would check a chest xray to make sure that your lungs look good. Then, 
I would check a pulmonary function test. This is a test where you blow as hard 
as you can into a machine, and a calculation of your lungs can determine if they 
are working okay, and if you have asthma.

Your doctor may not have this machine in his office, but he can order the test. 
A lung specialist (pulmonologist) can perform and read this test, and evaluate you as well.

I hope that helps.