Hi Dr. Mike- I am writting to you for some much needed advice. My daughter, Emily is two and one half years old. She has neen succesfully using the potty for about two monthes now. I even gave away all of her pull-ups to a friend. She was even dry all night. Now, for the past week, she has been urinating on the floor and in her pants and not even making an attempt to get to her potty in time. When I ask her why? She just smiles and says i pee pee on the floor! It really has my husband and I quite concerned. I dont really know how to handle all the accidents or what my next step should be. Nothing different has happened in her life, no big changes, ecxept she is to start pre-school in a week and we are expecting a child in January, i cant imagine what would cause a child to go backwards instead of forwards-please help! Thanks, Renee

Hi Renee, You sound frustrated, but this is normal. Your little girl has some changes coming up, and her energy is going toward some of them instead of her toilet training. A new little one on the way, and talk of preschool can affect any child especially in the potty training years. Try and be patient…she will once again be potty trained. Reassure and encourage her. Don’t act disappointed or frustrated. She will take on your emotions as well. Just love her and encourage her.