Benadryl on the gums?


Is Benadryl a good solution to a baby’s teething pain? Our pediatrician has advised us to use Benadryl before she goes to bed. She has instructed us to apply the Benadryl liquid to her gums with a cotton swab. What are your thoughts on this? My daughter Palmer is 14 months old and has 8 teeth to date.

Thank You! Arthur C. L



Dear Mr. R,

No, I don’t recommend Benadryl for teething babies. It may make them sleepy, but it doesn’t treat their discomfort. Benadryl’s main use is that it decreases the body’s reaction to allergens, e.g. pollens, foods, etc. Its main side effect is that of sedation or sleepiness. It is absorbed through the digestive system into the blood stream. It does not get absorbed through the gums, or have a local effect on the gums or teeth. The best treatment for teething children is a teething ring or biscuit, and tylenol or motrin as needed.

I hope that helps. Mike