Please help me in this question………. even if my question is not picked
for your newsletter………would you please give me your opinion on this
My X’s new lady friend gives my 8 year old daughter and her 100lb +
black lab a bath together………this makes my skin curl. Please let me
know if there are any health risks.
Thank you,

Hi Joan,
I am a real dog lover, and I will try to answer your question as objectively as possible.

Dogs are man and woman’s best friends, but sometimes we have to draw the line between who are the animals in the family and who are the humans. Dogs walk on all fours; we walk on 2 legs. Dogs lick their own body parts; we don’t. You get the idea.

A bath means that your little girl is literally sitting in water which the dog is sitting in.
So, anything that is being washed off the dog is in the water that your daughter is sitting in. That means her vagina and urethra (the hole out of which she pees) is exposed to this dirty and soapy water, and she could possibly get an irritation and/or infection of her urinary tract (just from sitting in dirty water).

So, to answer your question…I do not think that it is healthy nor hygienic for your little girl to take a bath with a 100 pound Black lab. Will it be fun? Awwwyeeaaahhh….is it really a good idea? Nooooooo!

Since it’s your X’s girlfriend, you’re going to have to try to be diplomatic, without getting your little girl in the middle of any arguments. If you all are adults and focus on the importance of protecting the health of your little girl, you all should make the right decision.

Good luck, and thank you for your question. Sincerely, Mike