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Attention deficit (hyperactivity) disorder

Do any of the following “ring a bell”? “Why can’t my child ever pay attention in class?” “My son always ignores me.” “Why can’t my child ever sit still?” “My daughter’s teacher thinks she has ADD.” “Hey, your kid should be on Ritalin!” There are some kids who fidget more than others. Then, there are […]

Question: “Why do I have to bring my child in for a 2 1/2 year well exam?”

Question: “Why do I have to bring my child in for a 2 1/2 year well exam?” Within the past few years, the American Academy of Pediatrics has recommended that health care providers start seeing toddlers for well exams at the age of 30 months. This is a time period when we are seeing significant […]

Staying Safe in the Sun

Ah, Summertime!! Lazy days of having fun in the sun, right? Wait a minute – the sun, that means sun screen. The kids need sunscreen. But what is the right SPF (and what does that mean anyway) and aren’t they saying that sunscreens also cause cancer? Which is worse – skin cancer from the sun, […]

Fireworks and 4th of July!

Wow…it’s July already. I hope the summer has started off well for everyone out there. The 4th of July always reminds me of when my brothers and I were younger and we would buy fireworks from our friends, and shoot them off to celebrate the holiday. Things really haven’t changed since then. Fireworks are as […]

What Should My Pre-schooler Be Eating?

Toddlers and preschoolers generally need around 1600 calories per day. They may become more picky eaters than they were as infants, and become more of a challenge at meal time, creating worry for a lot of parents that they are not getting proper nutrition. It is common for them to graze throughout the day, or […]

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